The History:

1466 - 1502 - the building of the Bydgoszcz main parish church. 1st quarter of the XVI c. - Stanisław Kościelecki founds the Painting of Our Lady with a Rose, known as Our Lady of Bydgoszcz.
1515 – the building of the Chapel of St. Anne, founded by the family of Orłowici, by the main parish church.
1605 - Stefan Bogurski builds the Chapel of St. Stephan.
1612 – the building of the chapel of St. John the Evangelist, founded by the family of Rychłowscy.
1617 – the building of the chapel of St. Fabian and Sebastian, founded by the wealthy townspeople of Łochowo.
1806 - 1813 – the French and Russian armies use the church as a storehouse.
1831 – services are restored in the main parish church. In the middle of the XIX c. it was the only working catholic church in the city.
1922 - 1925 – bishop Tadeusz Malczewski carried out the renovation of the temple.
1945 - 1949 – reconstruction of the church, initiated by parson Franciszek Hanelt and conservation of the painting by artist prof. Leonard Torwit from Toruń.
26.05.1966 – coronation of the painting of Our Lady by cardinal Stefan Wyszyński, with the participation of the then metropolitan of Cracow, cardinal Karol Wojtyła.
1982 – by the decision of the bishop of Gniezno, priest Józef Glemp, the Bydgoszcz main parish church becomes the residence of the episcopal vicar for the city of Bydgoszcz, bishop Jan Nowak.
8.09.1983 – archbishop Henryk Muszyński, the metropolitan of Gniezno, established the Monastic Chapter of Bydgoszcz by the main parish church. Priest Bogdan Jaskólski becomes provost.
30.05.1999 – during the mass at 1:00 p.m., in the presence of the Chapter, the representatives of the voivodie, municipal and local government authorities, as well as the worshippers, archbishop Henryk Muszyński read out the papal decree raising the Bydgoszcz main parish church to the dignity of a concathedral of the Gniezno Archsee. The Pope did it personally on the 7th June 1999 at the Bydgoszcz airport, during a visit to his homeland.
Easter 2003 - archbishop H. Muszyński consecrated the Jubilee Doors.
25.03.2004 – the creation of the Bydgoszcz diocese. Bishop Jan Tyrawa, up to that day the auxiliary bishop of Wrocław, becomes its first bishop. The Bydgoszcz main parish church is raised to the status of a cathedral church.
28.03.2004 – the ingress of bishop J. Tyrawa.
14.06.2006 – the installation of the Bydgoszcz Cathedral Chapter. Prelate Zbigniew Maruszewski, parson of the cathedral parish, becomes its provost.




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